• http://www.hertechability.com Sandy Nielsen

    Bryan, this was such a great post explaining the difference between a page and a profile. I loved the screenshots, and advice on how to best keep the two items separate.

    I linked to this as a resource on my post about setting up a new blog: http://www.hertechability.com/facebook-twitter-pinterest-account-setup-for-new-blog/

  • http://www.buildingsocialproof.com/ Bryan Fleming

    Sandy thanks for including me in your blog. How long ago did you start it up?

  • Lindsay Bates

    BS about Facebook keeping your work account separate from your personal account. When I log in to my work account I get tons of friend suggestions who are all from my personal account. Look GREAT to my boss, who is also an admin and gets to see all my personal stuff when he logs in to the “supposedly” COMPLETELY separate work account.

    • Pin Dan

      Of course its going to suggest your friends, why wouldnt you?

  • William Brooks

    When I choose drop down menu , ” use
    e facebook as …. ” does not appear