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How To Finally Get New Clients From Facebook
Without Wasting Time And Money

Hearing everyone having success on Facebook? Want that same success yourself? I know how you feel.

I am Bryan Fleming. When I got started I was lost on Facebook's Effectiveness. I was really fusturated. I would boost a post. Not make any sales. People were going to my website but not signing up. I felt shot from working on Facebook without any returns.

I felt like I made every mistake possible on Facebook. But I kept at it.


  •  What will catch people's eye?
  •  Should you boost a post? Promote a Post? how do you do that?
  •  Want a bigger audience on Facebook?
  •  How to make a business page? Seperate from personal?
  •  Should you use Facebook ads?
  •  how much to spend?
  •  What ads types work best?

Turns out I was doing a few things wrong.

I Started with Facebook ads and lost money. Wrong ads. Wrong People. People were not buying from Facebook. But I got better. Now Facebook is my best source for new clients and leads. I documented what worked and created simple training videos. Now anyone can have finally have more success with Facebook.

Facebook Prosperity

Facebook Prosperity is my step-by-step Facebook Advertising video course containing just 15 videos. They teach anyone how to be effective at Facebook advertising. Even if you are not very technical. There is so much information out there on Blogs and YouTube I wanted to create a course that is user-friendly. Shows you what to do step by step.

Use my course to hand off Facebook to employees. Show others on your team how to duplicate what works. Use it for clients. Give it to VAs to do Facebook for you. With my video course anyone will finally be able to do Facebook on 10 minutes per day.

  •  Finally set up Facebook Ads effectively.
  •  Learn Step by Step
  •  Real Life Examples
  •  Do Facebook on 10 minutes per day.
  •  Hand off to employees
  •  Show team members what works.

** With Facebook Prosperity I was able to sell out my entire 2015 Lawn mowing route. I even had to add a second crew. Last week I got $15,000 in new landscaping work. My biggest problem is just finding people to cover all the jobs.

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A Closer Look

Learn how to finally set up Facebook Ads effectively. Stop wasting time on Facebook without any real returns. See how much to spend on ads. Real life examples. You get my $10 per day traffic plan to start with. Get big results with this plan. Grow from there. Start seeing results the next day.

What You Will Learn

  •  Facebook Ads. Step by Step. Real Life Examples
  •  My Simple $10 per day traffic plan. Grow from there.
  •  Master Facebook Power Editor.
  •  Discover Facebook’s powerful analytics.
  •  Find Your Target Audience
  •  Fix Leaky Ad Campaigns

… You do not need to be technical or a computer programmer to get through it. My course is user friendly.

I will show you Facebook’s power editor. Create Ad campaigns quickly. Then I show you Facebook’s analytics. See what is working. Do not waste time and money.

Learn how to find the right Facebook audience. No matter what industry you are in. Even if it is business to business. Discover a free tool right inside Facebook to quickly find your target audience. Get referrals and sales. My course will answer the question once and for all “why people are not buying from Facebook”?

Here Is What You Will Get

** Bryan's Facebook Prosperity training helped us set up Facebook with email. Whenever I get a new girl I can fill her up with work. Works better than anything else we have tried.

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Fast Action Bonus For Ordering TODAY $50

How To Grow Your Facebook Business Page

Growing your Facebook Business page is harder than ever in 2016. It takes work.

I show you exactly how to gain a bigger audience of readers. See how to manage your Facebook Business page and post to it. Find what catches people’s eye. What gets likes, shares, comments. Where to find popular articles. Things people already like. See Your analytics. Discover What is working.

Use this short guide to hire someone to do it for you. I show you exactly how to hire someone for $3.50 per week. I will even give you her name.

** See what others are saying...

Facebook Prosperity Training Program + $50 Free Bonus

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$197 $97

  • Access to 15 videos
  • Cheat sheets, workbooks, and action plans
  • Private Facebook Group Lifetime Membership


$497 $297

  • Access to 15 videos
  • Cheat sheets, workbooks, and action plans
  • Private Facebook Group Lifetime Membership
  • Bryan Fleming Looks At Your Ads

** I recently completed Facebook Prosperity and have been able to start getting clients for my SEO business. When I looked at Google's Pay Per Click adwords system it just did not make sense. The ads were too expensive. I just did not know Facebook could be so inexpensive for getting clients. A true life saver for my SEO business.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here is how it works:

It will take you 30 days to complete the Facebook Prosperity course. But it will also take you 30 days to recover every penny of your investment plus your Facebook ad spend.

If you are not profitable with my Facebook Marketing System I will refund every penny of your money for this course.

** These are individual results and may vary from person to person.