Use this page to see the exact tools and training I use for social media marketing and doing business online.  Not everything on this list is for social media.  I put everything I use from training, to software.  If you want to use the exact same tools, software, and techniques that I do then this page is for you.

Social Media Training


logo150x150Yes.  You too can learn Facebook Marketing with Bryan Fleming.  Learn how to get fast results with Facebook and grow your business quickly.  I give you an exact working system to get more clients off Facebook without wasting your time and money.  Copy.  Paste.  Follow along and build out a successful Facebook Marketing Campaign. Click Here To Learn Facebook Marketing




ebookCoverHow To Attract Your First 5,000 Tweeting Fans.  This is my popular Twitter course where I show you how to get your own army of Tweeting Fans.  Twitter is a great source for free traffic without paying for ads.  Twitter is also where I recommend you start first because it is so easy to get started with.  In this course I show you all the tools you need for automating Twitter.  Using my system you will be very successful on Twitter by only spending 5 to 10 minutes per day.  Click Here To Learn Twitter Marketing



Social Media Software

liquidweb-logoYou need a home on the web.  That is your website.  I have said it 1,000 times now.  Do not build your HOME one rented land (social media sites).  As great as social media sites are the rules can change.  Platforms can come and go (myspace anyone?).  Social Media companies can change the rules at a moments notice and stop sending you clients.  Your website needs a place to live.  It is called a website hosting company.  I recommend Liquid web to host your website.  I use them and recommend them for one reason only: support.  When your site goes down you want someone on the other end that will answer the phone and fix your problem.  Liquid web is those guys.  Don’t believe me?  Call their support phone number right now and see how long it takes them to answer: 1-800-580-4985.  Click here to get hosting from LiquidWeb



Want to grow your Facebook page Fast?  This is the software I use to build up my Facebook Fan pages.  Social Kick Start helps you find viral posts.  You can them schedule them to go out on your Facebook page 5-8 times throughout the day.  Watch this video to see exactly how I use Social Kick Start.



Use hootsuite to reply to people on Twitter.  You do not want all your replies to flood people’s twitter feed at one time.  Hootsuite lets you schedule them out so they tweet out throughout the day.  I only use the free version of hootsuite.  Grab your copy of hootsuite here.





BufferApp is kind of like Social Kick Start.  But it posts to places other than just Facebook.  Use Buffer app to pre-schedule content to drip out on Twitter, Google+ and more.  For Facebook I strongly recommend using Social Kick Start.  I use BufferApp to post to Twitter and Google+ throughout the week.  To find good stuff to post on bufferapp look to or the articles posted to your own Facebook page with social kick start.

Click here to sign up for BufferApp (free)




ManageFlitter is the ONLY tool I have found that will automatically follow and unfollow people on Twitter.  If you are growing your following on Twitter this tool is a must!  ManageFlitter can target people to follow on Twitter.  Then it will automatically follow those people.  If they do not want to follow you back ManageFlitter will automatically un-follow them.  It has some nice features too like scheduling recurring tweets to go out every few days.  Highly recommended.  Click here to check out ManageFlitter.




Thinking of holding a webinar?  There are lots of ways to do it.  Most software is over $300 per year just to hold a webinar.  I found WebinarAlly and love it.  It is a $29 wordpress plug-in that makes hosting your webinars very easy.  It uses Google Hangouts which is free so you can host hundreds of people on your webinar with WebinarAlly.  Just install the plugin on your wordpress site and you can have a working webinar in just a few minutes.  Click here to check out WebinarAlly




If you have been following my advice for any length of time you know I am a HUGE fan of building your email list.  The trick with email is making sure it ends up in the inbox and not the spam folder.  Nobody is better than Aweber at getting your email in the inbox.  That is why I use them.  Plain and simple.  I also love how Aweber does not required double-optins.  This gives you a much higher subscriber rate and faster results with Email marketing.  Click here to try Aweber 30 days for only $1.




A page that is highly optimized for having someone give you their email address is critical for your success online.  Making these pages is kind of hard.  The folks over at instapage made a very easy to use tool for building these landing pages.  Use Instapage to build beautiful looking web pages that make people want to give you their email address and sign up for your email list.  Click here to try Instapage.