• Lee MacArthur

    I like your honesty on the topic. What you experienced makes sense because you are paying for people to push a button, not to read the material and comment on it or reshape the information. Thank you so much.

    • http://www.buildingsocialproof.com/ Bryan Fleming

      Lee yeah that’s pretty much what it is. wouldn’t be such a big deal but it really matters to Facebook how many people are interacting with your posts.

  • http://www.buildingsocialproof.com/ Bryan Fleming

    Exactly… just want to make everyone aware of what will really happen so they don’t make the same silly mistake

  • https://zenfusion.com Justin Lofton

    The key is to buy advertising that promotes what your page represents to the right audience so they will happily Like your page. Great article Bryan!

  • Mitchell Walker

    Great article, it makes great sense as the same thing happened to me. I also tried the like4like method which is a whole other blog you should post about.

    • http://www.buildingsocialproof.com/ Bryan Fleming

      Is there a site for the like4like method? Probably will make a good topic. Thanks Mitchell.

      • Susan Soltrelly

        Hi Bryan.. Great article BTW.. I recently read a similar article but it was about buying Instagram followers. You should read the story of Max Chafkin here https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2016-11-30/confessions-of-an-instagram-influencer and probably write a case study about this guys social media experiment. To my best guest he used the services of SocialMediaCombo.com and the results speak for themselves in the article. Once again great job posting.

  • http://tydynics.com Wichly Cazeau

    Hey Bryan, great article. I can’t recall where I read this but it was said to never buy FB likes for your business page. However, I also thought if the more likes I had the more people would engage. And the more my business would expand in terms of reaching people. I was wrong bcause you just proved it. What I’m curious about is how did you find out Turkey and Pakistan where your posts reaching?

    • http://www.buildingsocialproof.com/ Bryan Fleming

      Wichly look under the “insights” tab at the top of your page. they have an amazing amount of info on your audience. I saw almost none of mine were from US or anywhere like that.

      • http://tydynics.com Wichly Cazeau

        Thanks Bryan! However, I’m noticing my posts reach more people in different States from where my fans are locating. Would you advise targeting those States for FB ads where my posts are reaching the most people?

        • http://www.buildingsocialproof.com/ Bryan Fleming

          I would look at the ones that give me the cheapest conversions.

        • http://www.buildingsocialproof.com/ Bryan Fleming

          No I would run the whole country. FB will find the states that are working best for you automatically

  • Lukas

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    Maybe you should consider changing the source, since none of the above has happened to me.

    I hope that this information will be useful for you.

  • Divine Foster

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  • Jhon Kooper

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