standard Email Marketing Basics

Are you thinking of using Email marketing to grow your business online?  If so then you have made an excellent choice.  Watch the video above on Email Marketing Basics where I give you my best tips on how to get started with Email marketing.  But as always if you can not watch my video on Email marketing basics I will give you the main points below.  Sometimes we are in a spot where we just can’t watch a video.  But we can read some good tips.  So here we go.

Email Marketing Basics How To Get Started

What To Offer – The first thing you will need to think of in email marketing basics is what to offer people in exchange for their email?  This is where most people get stuck.  In my video on email marketing basics I give you some suggestions on what works best.  Here they are:

  • Cheat Sheets
  • Resource Guides
  • Lists of your top 10 [Fill in the blank] example: My Top 10 Best Preforming Facebook Ads Ever That You Can Steal!
  • Registering for an event like a webinar
  • Simple email course (series of prewritten emails)

Email Marketing Basics Featured


The trick is to find something that has a high perceived value to your client.  Usually these giveaways (called Lead Magnets) are fairly quick to make.  You can create a simple document in Google Docs and save it as a .PDF file and you are all set.

Landing Page – Now that you have something to offer people you need a page for them to sign up to your email list.  This is commonly called a landing page.  A good landing page has one purpose only.  To get people on an email list.  Look at my page for learning about twitter.

Email Marketing Basics Twitter

Notice how there is really only one thing you can do on this page.  That is to sign up for my email course on Twitter.  This pages gets 1 out of 3 people signing up for my email course 33%.  So you need to create an optimized landing page so people can sign up for your email list.  I recommend using InstaPage to create a landing pages that look awesome very quickly.

Email Marketing System – You need a system to hold all the emails of people who signed up for your list.  This email marketing system should be able to send broadcast emails (emails to everyone on your list) that make it to the inbox and not the spam folder.  Finally a good email marketing system should be able to automatically email people every few days after they sign up.  I recommend using Aweber.  I like them for one reason.  Their emails end up in the inbox and not the spam folder.  You can get started with Aweber for 30 days for only $1.  They are a great system for email marketing basics.

So there you go.  Email marketing basics at their finest.  Keep things simple and you will soon be using email marketing basics to build your most valuable asset you.  Your email list!